Alesis DM6 USB Kit Performance Electronic Drumset

The Alesis DM6 Kit highlights the best of Alesis' 20 years of experience in professional electronic percussion gear. This electronic drum set features a completely new sound module with 108 quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Its pads feel...

Pyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 Recorder

Professional Digital Drum & Percussion Kit Click here for a larger image (2) Cymbals Included Click here for a larger image Get Ready to Rock! Click here for a larger image Drum Diagram Click here for a larger image Digital Sound Module...

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Pyle-Pro PED04 Professional Electric Drum Kit

Professional Digital Drum & Percussion Kit Click here for a larger image Get Ready to Rock! Click here for a larger image Drum Diagram Click here for a larger image Digital Sound Module Click here for a larger image (5) Drum Pads...

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Professional Six-Piece Electronic Drum Set

The DM10 Studio Kit is professional, six-piece electronic drum set with natural-feeling RealHead drum pads, low-noise DMPad Cymbals, the groundbreaking DM10 drum module, and a compact, flexible StageRack. You will immediately notice the DM10...

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Roland TD-11K V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Compact and Affordable V-Drums , Powered by SuperNATURAL SoundEnhanced with SuperNATURAL technology, the TD-11 V-Drums V-Compact Series brings a more natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level and budget. Affordable and...

Yamaha DTX500 Series DTX500K Electronic Drum Set Pre-assembled Rack System

Electronic Drum Kit, Includes: DTX500 drum trigger module, DTLK9 tom and cymbal pad set and the RS40 assembled rack.Features traditional electronic rubber practice pads, nice stick rebound without being too...

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ION Audio Drum Rocker Rock Band 2 Drum Set

Drum Rocker delivers the most realistic drumming experience available to any gamer, regardless of platform. That's because it was built by the engineers at Alesis, one of the largest manufacturers of professional electronic drums in the world. As a...

Alesis DM8 Pro Kit Professional Five-Piece Electronic Drumset

Professional Five-Piece Electronic DrumsetDM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation(TM)...

Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit

Digital Tabletop Drum Kit Click here for a larger image Rear Panel Click here for a larger image Lightweight & Portable Click here for a larger image Customize Your Sounds Click here for a larger image (2) Foot Pedals (Kick & Hi-Hat)...


This velocity-sensitive drum pad features a real mylar drumhead and a triple-flanged hoop for the most natural, acoustic-feeling electronic drumming experience. Its dual-zone sensing enables you to trigger different sounds from the head and and rim. You can adjust the drumhead tension with a standard drum key, and the head is replaceable with any standard 8” head. It works with virtually all e-percussion devices and modules including the DM10, DM5, Trigger|iO, and ControlPad, and comes with rack clamp, L-arm, and cable.

Developed in partnership with REMO Inc. USA, Roland V-Pads offer the most expressive and dynamic electronic percussion triggering on the market. In fact, these near-silent pads are so sensitive you can even play them with brushes! A proprietary drum head design gives these patented drum pads extremely natural rebound and response, allowing percussionists to tune and play them just like an acoustic set. The 10-inch PD-100 is ideal for toms.

It's time to add some kick to your V-Drum TD-9-based kit, with the Roland KD-9 kick pad. This sweet, funky looking kick pad gives you the rock-solid response you demand, plus a little something extra. We're talking total playability, even with a double pedal. But that's not all. When you add a KD-9 to your TD-9 v2 drum module, you get access to a killer muted kick sound. Just wail on the KD-9 extra hard, and you'll get the sound a kick makes when you leave the beater pressed on. So, get more from your V-Drums, with the excellent KD-9 kick pedal trigger from Roland.